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Our Services Include:

Routine Family Medical Care
Urgent Care
Detox Treatment for Opiate Dependency
Occupational Medicine
Workman's Compensation Injuries
Auto Accident Treatment
Preventive Care
Physical Examination for School, Sports, Camps, etc.
Routine Medical Care
Laboratory Testing
X-Rays (depending of availability)
CDL-Licence Examination
Office Surgeries
Treatment of Common Illness
Treatment of Common Injuries
Allergy Shots
Dot and Pre-Employment Physicals
Functional Back Examinations
Breath Alcohol Testing
Medical Review of Urine Drug Screen
Urine Drug Testing

Drug Dependency Treatment:

An opiate addiction is one of the hardest drug addiction problems to address and resolve. The very nature of the substance is what makes an opiate addiction such a difficult habit to break. The effects of opiates like oxycontin and percocet on the body is so highly chemical, that the only way to really address the problem of an opiate addiction is to undergo an opiate detox program. The aim of an opiate detox program is to flush out the toxins that have been left inside the body by the opiates. These toxins have accumulated in the body because of opiate abuse.

Opiate detox is the first crucial step toward the road to recovery and removal of the dependence on these drugs. By detoxifying the body from these harmful toxins, the issue of opiate withdrawal can be more easily handled by the patient. For example, if a person does not undergo an opiate detox, he will experience strong opiate withdrawal symptoms and the severity of these symptoms may be so uncomfortable that a relapse into taking drugs becomes a big likelihood. Opiate detox in a medically monitored drug rehab eases that transition from a drugged state into recovery.

In 2000, the FDA approved the use of Suboxone (a combination of buprenorphine and naloxone) in the USA. Suboxone appears to have treatment advantages that the more popular form of agonist therapy, methadone administration, does not.

Valley Forge Urgent Care provides comprehensive medical treatment for opiate dependence. After the initial medical induction of Suboxone, we refer Suboxone patients directly a psychologist of the patient�s choice for behavioral treatment. Our comprehensive treatment model is proving efficacious. Our patient dropout rate is extremely low and patients are actively demonstrating productive change.

Occupational Services:

We treat all types of injuries, including strains/sprains, lacerations, chemical burn, insect bites, falls, etc. We maintain a "back to work as soon as medically possible" policy and encourage every employer to participate in a light duty/return to work program.

When your employees are treated in our clinic, we provide them with a caring staff, providing quality medical care and quality customer service. Your employees will be treated with respect and compassion and made to feel welcome and well cared for.

When your employees are treated in our clinic, we provide you, the company, with quality medical care, administrative support, and customer service. We understand the need to maintain control over medical costs. Our charges are much less than hospital ER charges and we will be glad to bill your workman's compensation insurance.

Valley Forge Urgent Care & Family Medical Center is prepared to serve you and your employees. We know your company's needs are same as any other company and we will tailor our services to meet your specific requirements.

Urine Drug Testing and Breath Alcohol Test:

Valley Forge Urgent & Family Medical Center promotes and supports the drug-free workplace. We provide urine, hair, and saliva drug testing, as per your company's requirements. We also provide breath alcohol testing.

We use one of the nation's largest laboratory, which means we get drug screen results as soon as they are reported by the laboratory conducting the test. This minimizes your wait, and helps you get employees to work soon and allows you to make urgent decisions in a timely manner.